Block Clearance therapy (BCT)
BLOCK CLEARANCE THERAPY (BCT) 90 – 120 mins £150
Tricia is a trained research pathologist with award winning brain research. She is most insightful about the workings and interactions between the conscious and subconscious mind. By 1989 she created a system we know today as Block Clearance Therapy. This unique method addresses the interlinked physical, emotional and spiritual systems within the conscious/subconscious mind.

Think of your conscious mind as a floppy disc that holds the complete record of your daily experiences; every second, every minute, every hour. Your memories are made up not only of your physical actions, but also of the associated feelings, thoughts, and emotions you experienced while performing those actions. So you may observe visually but with that there is also a smell, sound, temperature that all create this event. All these are stored on your 'floppy disc". In our conscious brain we decide whether our perceptions were positive or negative, pleasurable or distasteful, worth repeating, or something never to be done again. Every night while we sleep, the conscious mind downloads these perceptions of truth onto the hard drive of our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind does not reason and therefore holds as fact any of your conscious perceptions or belief systems. The task of the subconscious mind is to keep you safe. It is trained to keep you in what it knows to be safe. Hence we create behavioural patterns. For instance, take a person who has grown up with relationships based in conflict. Subconsciously this is their understanding of relationships and without consciously being aware will pick partners which fit the pattern of conflict. One day they meet someone they adore who has been brought up in a non- confrontational childhood. They can find themselves starting arguments and picking fault even though they desperately want the relationship to succeed. The hard drive file labelled e.g. "relationships" cannot update and correlate a new and different pattern into the long-established "relationships" file.

The resulting conflict of the conscious and subconscious mind can leave you feeling powerless, unable to make decisions, find the way forward, and break habits or phobias. The resulting frustration and exhaustion leads to a block, an internal fight to stay focused without achieving a result. This can bring with it feelings of guilt, depression, self-loathing, anger, self-destruction, isolation and even physical illness.

In Block Clearance you, "the subconscious administrator" of this computer are taken up to the records on your hard drive where you will see the blocked file and how it has been created. This gives you a chance to access your perceptions of events that created the block. You will see the emotions you associated with those perceptions and once you can see the "Why" behind the event, you are able to understand the lessons your subconscious believed it learned and held as a factual patterning to keep you safe.

BCT is a most life changing and self-empowering tool.
please note BCT does not work through hypnosis.