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Miracle Noodles Coconut Palm Sugar BODY BALM FOR FEEDING SKIN AND SENSES
Konjac Miracle Noodles
Gluten free, wheat free and virtually calorie free!! only 10 kcal 1 portion pack £3.00
10 packs Angel Hair noodles
Coconut Palm Sugar 500g
Organic Coconut Sugar, Tiny titans of flavour and nutrition, our coconut sugar is a low GI sugar sustainably harvested from the coconut palm flower for its delicious nectar. Containing essential vitamins and amino acids, it resembles brown sugar and has a delicious rich, rounded, caramel sweetness. Use as substitute for white or brown sugar in any recipe
Chia bia milled seeds:contains the highest source of any plant on the planet of omega 3, fibre, antioxidants and protein. It is free of gluten, transfats, GMO and pesticides.
Cherry Active ( large, concentrated). The healthiest cordial on the market. Dilute with water and sip for an antioxidant packed drink or add to your breakfast smoothie. no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, colours or flavours, and uses only anti-oxidant rich Montmorency cherries. According to the research of Dr Robert Verkerk BSc MSc DIC PhD, a single 30ml serving gives you about the same free radical quenching ability as the equivalent of over 20 typical portions of fruit and vegetables. Includes dispenser pump.
Bragg Liquid Aminos is a Certified NON-GMO liquid protein concentrate, derived from healthy soybeans, that contains Essential and Non-essential Amino Acids in naturally occurring amounts. We used it instead of soya sauce ( contains gluten) or Worcestershire sauce. gives a nice salty flavour.
GranoVita Organic Flax Oil is one of the richest sources of Omega-3 (alpha linolenic acid) essential fatty acids. Omega-3 EFA's are widely believed to be essential for our general well being. They can assist the body in cellular growth and help to maintain a healthy heart. As part of a healthy lifestyle and diet low in saturated fat.
Vata tea 750ml Glogg Bottle  
Vata Tea
That 'too-much-to-do, too-little-time' feeling can cause you to be on edge, restless, anxious. A few sips of Vata Tea will help your whirling mind settle down and your body relax. Whether at work, at home, or on the road, sweet soothing Vata Tea can help you stay calm and alert.
Pukka Virgin Coconut Oil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids to help increase metabolism. Its incredible nutrients, delicious taste and high smoke point make virgin coconut oil ideal for cooking with as part of a healthy weight and lifestyle program. Our virgin coconut oil is made from the milk of freshly harvested coconuts which are fermented for 24–36 hours. Daily use.
Delicious for general cooking, stir-frying, roasting vegetables, baking and spreading.