Heat Enhanced Lymphatic Therapy (HELTh)
Gillian Duffin, more than any other therapist, has been my inspiration in my work today. When I was lucky enough to get Gillie's hands on my body nothing short of miracles started to happen. She showed me how a fantastic body treatment heals the mental and emotional pain in the body. Gillian Duffin is a posture expert who has been working for 10 years using the Rolfing method of Structural Integration. Your posture expresses how you feel about yourself and often is the source of deep-seated pain. Gillian has an ability to listen with her hands on the body, tuning in to find the unique expression of health the client is showing in that moment. Our nervous systems need to discharge the underlying tension from past events of overwhelm, trauma or shock before deeper manipulation. In Gillian's extensive experience she has witnessed that this way of releasing deeply held pain can like no other method, bring about true movement from old patterns or restrictions.
 In Gillian's repertoire she can go deep into tissue or guide a light sensitive cranial touch, perceptively following the need of the moment. She pays attention to movement patterns and fixations each of us have that create our difficulties. Our own 'blind spot' affects the greatest personal change and has the most meaning. 
 Gillian works predominantly in Ireland but studies worldwide with teachers in Brazil, UK, Zurich, Colorado, Hawaii and Spain. She is a world-class therapist who has dedicated her work to the understanding of the best possible experience available in the body, mind and soul. Her most recent studies have been focusing on the healing of the nervous system for the healing of trauma and injury.

All treatments include full consultation.