Heat Enhanced Lymphatic Therapy (HELTh)
To say Dr Frost offers pain relief is to call Michelangelo a painter. Dr Frost MD offers a new era in pain relief. Her cutting edge technology uses the InterX device that provides interactive neuro-stimulation and electrical pulsing stimulation in conjunction with biofeedback in real time. It produces immediate excellent results in the areas of arthritis, sciatica, neck pains, sprains, tennis elbow and other injuries. But equally aids sufferers of chronic nerve-related conditions. Dr Frost is also an acupuncture practitioner as well as being an MD and often uses her understanding of meridian pathways to eliminate blockages that are contributing to the pain. Furthermore Dr Frost is a pioneer in the WEBER NEEDLE light treatment (developed in Germany by Dr Weber). Therapeutic lasers have a tremendous and as yet untapped potential in the field of healthcare and it is difficult to overstate the importance of Systemic Laser Therapy. The Weber needle uses a low level laser, called cold laser, which delivers laser light and energy directly into the blood stream and provides benefits to cells, tissues, organs and systems throughout the body. The primary method uses a specialised catheter, which is inserted into the vein of the arm similar to a conventional I.V. Other than the short "prick" of the needle into the vein, the procedure is completely painless with no side effects. The Weber needle therapy induces many positive effects on blood viscosity, microcirculation, immune system and metabolic pathways. At a cellular level, the energy production will be enhanced by stimulation of the respiratory chain in the mitochondria with an increased synthesis of ATP, the energy source of life. Systemic Laser Therapy is appropriate for all chronic diseases with energy loss. Autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases like diabetes mellitus with its multiple complications, fat metabolism disorders, cardiac complaints, chronic liver diseases, fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic infections can be treated successfully. Systemic Laser Therapy energetically supports the conventional treatments of neurological conditions such as MS and psychological diseases like depression. Dr Frost will often use a combination of all techniques as appropriate for your condition.