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Village Barn has gained an enviable reputation for providing exceptional treatments and meaningful therapies. All of our therapists have been carefully selected and their treatments personally tested. The following Village Barn therapies are focused on optimising the body to detox.

Reflexology is a natural way to well being. Reflexology is based on the idea that specific points on the feet and hands correspond with organs and tissues throughout the body. By unblocking energy pathways through the feet, treatment reconnects the body's systems, stimulating its own healing capabilities.
It can help restore balance to mind, body and spirit. Often it can be a catalyst for change, with a sense of well being restored and energy levels renewed many people find that reflexology provides them with a kick start they have been looking for in every aspect of their lives. Intuitive and sensitive, our therapist specializes in advanced techniques for deeply effective and relaxing treatment.

heart on doorThe more I work with complementary therapies, the more I am in awe of Chinese Medicine practitioners. Their whole system is so effective. Their knowledge is so very in depth. During a detox weekend acupuncture is invaluable in the process of detoxification. By manipulating the body's vital energy/qi, the organs can be fine-tuned to assist in eliminating waste products, working with the liver, kidneys and digestive system in particular. Side effects of detox / elimination may frequently include headaches, stomachaches or bowel upsets. Acupuncture is great at correcting these imbalances.
As well as traditional acupuncture, Christina specialises in facial acupuncture. By using fine needles and other techniques, your face can become more youthful, radiant and beautiful. This is always a holistic treatment and includes body points...

These have been likened to Botox without the needles. Abigail manages to iron out wrinkles and makes you look YEARS younger using only the best of natural organic and even raw skin care ranges. Your skin will be nourished and you will leave looking more youthful than you imagined possible.

Using cool and warm compresses, cold stones and brightening eye mask (really great for brightening, drainage and detoxifying the eye area). This is guaranteed to leave you without any 'bags' and seriously relaxed.

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Massage is so helpful on so many levels. We can offer you relaxing massages to help unwind or something more remedial. This powerful yet gentle treatment uses a range of advanced techniques to deactivate painful contractions in muscle tissue and fascia and ease away the pain of conditions such as headaches, migraine, whiplash, TMJ, shoulder pain, low back and hip pain, carpal tunnel, leg, knee and foot pain.
We also offer massage that works on a more spiritual level; these massages work deeply all the way to your nervous system.

This spoiling one-hour treatment sees you tucked up in bed. Castor oil is highly effective for constipation, elimination and encouraging lymphatic circulation. Castor oil applied to the liver is credited with encouraging this organ to work more effectively. This treatment makes you feel very nourished. It is also excellent to help with the feeling of cold that many experience while detoxing.

A Rolfing session lasts 90 minutes and aims to restore balance and flexibility through manipulation and movement education leaving you feeling more comfortable in your body. As a matter of fact I could hardly believe I was still in the same body after my session with Jim. Usually the first session centres on the breath and freedom in the nVillage Barn pullquote02eck, however any session can be tailored to your direct needs. Rolfing is a basic hygiene for your connective tissue so it is perfect for a detox week! Jim, our Rolfer is available for sessions to aid with his particular interest in ease in movement. He works on the premise that because we live in our body, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year that we should be as comfortable as possible there. He loves to walk and feel the flow of movement through his spine, teaching this ease in the course of his sessions.

The raindrop therapy is a healing technique using pure essential oils. It combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and moist heat to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. It is designed to bring total balance, harmony and body wellness - mental, physical and emotional.
Raindrop Therapy uses a sequence of nine essential oils that have been clinically tested for their antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These essential oils are dropped gently on the spine and then lightly massaged in using various techniques. At various times the oils are dispensed like drops of rain on the spine from a height of about six inches. A hot compress is then applied, which facilitates oil absorption and muscle relaxation. This therapy was developed by nutritionist Gary Young, and is based on the theory that many spinal misalignments are caused by pathogens that reside dormant along the backbone. This condition creates inflammation causing contortion and disfigurement along the spine. The application of highly antimicrobial essential oils reduces inflammation and kills the pathogens, thus providing symptom relief. Raindrop Therapy is based on Lakota Native healing.

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Gillian Duffin, more than any other therapist, has been my inspiration in my work today. When I was lucky enough to get Gillie's hands on my body nothing short of miracles started to happen. She showed me how a fantastic body treatment heals the mental and emotional pain in the body. Gillian Duffin is a posture expert who has been working for 10 years using the Rolfing method of Structural Integration. Your posture expresses how you feel about yourself and often is the source of deep-seated pain. Gillian has an ability to listen with her hands on the body, tuning in to find the unique expression of health the client is showing in that moment. Our nervous systems need to discharge the underlying tension from past events of overwhelm, trauma or shock before deeper manipulation. In Gillian's extensive experience she has witnessed that this way of releasing deeply held pain can like no other method, bring about true movement from old patterns or restrictions.
In Gillian's repertoire she can go deep into tissue or guide a light sensitive cranial touch, perceptively following the need of the moment. She pays attention to movement patterns and fixations each of us have that create our difficulties. Our own 'blind spot' affects the greatest personal change and has the most meaning. Gillian works predominantly in Ireland but studies worldwide with teachers in Brazil, UK, Zurich, Colorado, Hawaii and Spain. She is a world-class therapist who has dedicated her work to the understanding of the best possible experience available in the body, mind and soul. Her most recent studies have been focusing on the healing of the nervous system for the healing of trauma and injury.

This caci facial uses micro current to give the facial muscles a proper work out. The effect is lifting, toning and re-educating facial muscles as well as improving dramatically your skin tone and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. A caci treatment increases cell renewal and stimulates the production for both collagen and elastin. It is generally considered the only effective alternative to more invasive procedures. I felt and saw a really amazing difference after just 1 treatment.

To say Dr Frost offers pain relief is to call Michelangelo a painter. Dr Frost MD offers a new era in pain relief. Her cutting edge technology uses the InterX device that provides interactive neuro-stimulation and electrical pulsing stimulation in conjunction with biofeedback in real time. It produces immediate excellent results in the areas of arthritis, sciatica, neck pains, sprains, tennis elbow and other injuries. But equally aids sufferers of chronic nerve-related conditions. Dr Frost is also an acupuncture practitioner as well as being an MD and often uses her understanding of meridian pathways to eliminate blockages that are contributing to the pain. Furthermore Dr Frost is a pioneer in the WEBER NEEDLE light treatment (developed in Germany by Dr Weber). Therapeutic lasers have a tremendous and as yet untapped potential in the field of healthcare and it is difficult to overstate the importance of Systemic Laser Therapy. The Weber needle uses a low level laser, called cold laser, which delivers laser light and energy directly into the blood stream and provides benefits to cells, tissues, organs and systems throughout the body. The primary method uses a specialised catheter, which is inserted into the vein of the arm similar to a conventional I.V. Other than the short "prick" of the needle into the vein, the procedure is completely painless with no side effects. The Weber needle therapy induces many positive effects on blood viscosity, microcirculation, immune system and metabolic pathways. At a cellular level, the energy production will be enhanced by stimulation of the respiratory chain in the mitochondria with an increased synthesis of ATP, the energy source of life. Systemic Laser Therapy is appropriate for all chronic diseases with energy loss. Autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases like diabetes mellitus with its multiple complications, fat metabolism disorders, cardiac complaints, chronic liver diseases, fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic infections can be treated successfully. Systemic Laser Therapy energetically supports the conventional treatments of neurological conditions such as MS and psychological diseases like depression. Dr Frost will often use a combination of all techniques as appropriate for your condition.

An osteopath controls life currents in the same way that an electrician controls electric currents. Osteopathy goes well beyond the understanding of bones and muscles it is concerned with the integrated working of the body on all levels. Osteopathy uses perceptive touch to guide your body back to good health as well as for boosting its function or prevention of disease. As with all Village Barn therapists our osteopath is in a league of her own. They have taken the study of osteopathy and continued to add from their own experience. Claire (a registered osteopath) knows the body as a professional dancer as well as a massage therapist. She practices osteopathy as an art and you are her masterpiece. Her touch is beyond gentle and effective.

Tricia is a trained research pathologist with award winning brain research. She is most insightful about the workings and interactions between the conscious and subconscious mind. By 1989 she created a system we know today as Block Clearance Therapy. This unique method addresses the interlinked physical, emotional and spiritual systems within the conscious/subconscious mind.
Think of your conscious mind as a floppy disc that holds the complete record of your daily experiences; every second, every minute, every hour. Your memories are made up not only of your physical actions, but also of the associated feelings, thoughts, and emotions you experienced while performing those actions. So you may observe visually but with that there is also a smell, sound, temperature that all create this event. All these are stored on your 'floppy disc". In our conscious
brain we decide whether our perceptions were positive or negative, pleasurable or distasteful, worth repeating, or something never to be done again. Every night while we sleep, the conscious mind downloads these perceptions of truth onto the hard drive of our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not reason and therefore holds as fact any of your conscious perceptions or belief systems. The task of the subconscious mind is to keep you safe. It is trained to keep you in what it knows to be safe. Hence we create behavioural patterns. For instance, take a person who has grown up with relationships based in conflict. Subconsciously this is their understanding of relationships and without consciously being aware will pick partners which fit the pattern of conflict. One day they meet someone they adore who has been brought up in a non- confrontational childhood. They can find themselves starting arguments and picking fault even though they desperately want the relationship to succeed. The hard drive file labelled e.g. "relationships" cannot update and correlate a new and different pattern into the long-established "relationships" file.
The resulting conflict of the conscious and subconscious mind can leave you feeling powerless, unable to make decisions, find the way forward, and break habits or phobias. The resulting frustration and exhaustion leads to a block, an internal fight to stay focused without achieving a result. This can bring with it feelings of guilt, depression, self-loathing, anger, self-destruction, isolation and even physical illness.
In Block Clearance you, "the subconscious administrator" of this computer are taken up to the records on your hard drive where you will see the blocked file and how it has been created. This gives you a chance to access your perceptions of events that created the block. You will see the emotions you associated with those perceptions and once you can see the "Why" behind the event, you are able to understand the lessons your subconscious believed it learned and held as a factual patterning to keep you safe.
BCT is a most life changing and self-empowering tool. please note BCT does not work through hypnosis

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