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Village Barn - Best British DetoxWHY COME?
The most effective detox in Britain. Catherine Chichester, a charismatic earth mother with witchy powers, oversees a five day reprogramming of body and mind. Groups usually consist of up to 10 people each on individual schedule, and you can stay either in a room at Catherine's chic, converted 300 year-old-barn, or book yourself into a nearby bolthole (but do avoid the gourmet pubs).

Days on the three course are tough. Catherine is strict and the diet is organic, raw and mostly liquid- namely the all- powerful green juice, whose alkaline properties combat most complaints from headaches to hunger. Lunch is a high point- try the raw equivalent of cannelloni, plus masses of salads, dips and leaves, all of it is absurdly good. The week is peppered with sessions on diet, exercise (yoga, nordic walking, rebounding) and taking care of your skin.
You'll also get to meet some bonkers therapists; try hypnotism, Rolfing (which aligns your connective tissue) and shiatsu pressure-point therapy — you'll respond to all of these in weird and wonderful ways.

Allergies shift, eyes sparkle, you'll sleep more deepy. And you'll head home with new practises to follow such as skin brushing before bathing, castor oil packing over the liver area and home enema kits. Bum's the word.

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